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Shinagawa Refractories Promotes Strategic Collaboration with Saint-Gobain
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Jun. 12, 2017 - June 8, Japan Metal Daily reported that Japan's largest refractories supplier Shinagawa refractories Co., Ltd. to participate in AISTech 2017. This event has been finished for nearly a month, however, what should be valued in this news is Shinagawa’s joint presentation with Saint-Gobain and they shared a booth.


Since 2014, Shinagawa has participated in AISTech for four consecutive years. It started jointly presentation with Saint-Gobain Since 2015, when the strategic partnership between two groups achieved.

AISTech 2017: Staff of Shinagawa and Saint-Gobain at their booth

The co-operation between Shinagawa and Saint-Gobain dates back to the early 1990s, which was originally a partnership of technology and know-how transit to Saint-Gobain Brazil to allow it to produce refractories in Brazil, including tap-hole clay and BOF bricks, etc. In recent years, the collaboration between them has been strengthened to establish a strategic partnership in 2015, which Shinagawa designated Saint-Gobain Brazil as its sales agent in the South American.


At present, Saint-Gobain Brazil is the sales agent of Shinagawa in the South American market and plays the role of managing Shinagawa’s products marketing, sales and service in the South America. The strategic cooperation is based on complementary advantages: Saint-Gobain Brazil has perfect sales and service network in local market and Shinagawa has the advantage of high quality products and advanced technology. The two groups are aiming to promote Shinagawa’s Japan-made products in South America. Therefore, you see they presented jointly at AISTech since 2016.


According to Mr. Miki, Managing Executive Officer of Shinagawa, the two groups could potentially strengthen the depth of strategic cooperation and seek more business opportunities on a global scale. At present, high level managers of two companies are also actively engaged in optimize and upgrade future cooperation.


Throughout the global refractory industry, in addition to Shinagawa and Saint-Gobain’s strategic collaboration, Magnesita and RHI AG are actively promoting the merger. The world refractory industry is moving towards the integration of resources and strategy cooperated development, especially those largest groups.

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